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Are you losing more strands of hair than gaining in preparation for your wedding day hairstyle? If your like me than probably so,  I was so concerned about styling options for my natural hair that I covered up every strand of my hair with a full straight sew-in for my wedding day and completely regretted it.  Maybe it was my own insecurities about my curly texture, the length and how my hair would look in photographs that overall swayed me from saying  I-Do without curls.  One thing I know for sure is that every bridal expo and every bridal soiree I attended to prepare for my wedding day lacked images of me. I was inspired by gowns but not hair, I spoke with some vendors but felt rushed due to the crowd of other bride – to – be’s and their sense of urgency to get each one, I left with a bag full of literature but no interest in rummaging through the paperwork to reach out to any vendors. Due to the lack of one on one attention. sincerity from vendors and the urge to really gain my business, in all honesty, expos left me exhausted.

So with all that being said, I am excited to share that Natural Hair Bride has created a boutique style bridal affair to accommodate both your hair and wedding needs. We’ve teamed up with some amazing wedding professionals, vendors and resources to provide you with the tools needed to create a unforgettable wedding day experience for your guest. You will leave our event inspired, motivated and equipped.  Before we announce all the details of the anticipated Chicago Bridal Affair, we want to hear directly from you. Both wedding enthusiasts, wives renewing vows, as well as brides – to – be. Fill out the form below. Please click under the questions to type in your thoughts. Click submit below when finished.

We will work diligently to accommodate your requests.

Thank you for filling out this form. We appreciate your feedback.


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