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Newlyweds Touissant and Yoofi married on 9/9/16 and had their ceremony at the Newark County Clerks Office. They wanted something small and intimate, and contrary to popular belief, a courthouse wedding was just that. They were still able to add a special touch, by marrying outside in the courtyard, they still dressed up, had a reception and made the day special. They created a court-house wedding with all the trimmings.

Take a look at the beautiful photos take by Nana Annan Photography and find out what products Touissant used to style her natural hair for her wedding day.

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Non-Traditonal Wedding Day Bliss | NaturalHairBrideNon-Traditonal Wedding Day Bliss | NaturalHairBride

What did you use to style your wedding day hair? My stylist used Jane Carter Setting Lotion to do the twists and to take it out, we used my personal product, True Blue Naturals Whipped Shea Butter to seal in the moisture and prevent frizz.

I knew early on I wanted to wear my hair natural because it’s how I wear my hair 95% of the time. I used to straighten it all the time years ago, but that’s not me anymore. All I knew is that I wanted it off of my face, because my husband always says my hair is so big that he can’t see me, so for our wedding, I knew it had to be pulled back. 🙂  I decided to have my stylist do a twist out the day before, and and on the day of the wedding my best friend and I took it out and she styled it for me. It was exactly what I wanted and I felt beautiful because I was 100% me.

Non-Traditonal Wedding Day Bliss | NaturalHairBride

Non-Traditonal Wedding Day Bliss | NaturalHairBride

Share the details of your wedding dress? I found my dress at Asos after looking at all of the other usual suspects, (David’s Bridal, Amsale, Nordstrom Bridal, etc.), and realizing that nothing felt right. I wanted something that felt like ME, not like a bride. I wanted to be fashionable, sexy and chic and the dress I chose was that and more.

Thank you for reading! Chat soon, Ro’Shunda

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