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Good Morning Curlfriends!

I have a great guest post by the creator of a new hair care tool for us curly girls. This tool was used to showcase a great curly updo at our Glitz Glam & Curlz: A Bridal Affair event in February. Read all the deets below to learn more about the Puff Cuff Hair Tool. Let us know your thoughts via Natural Hair Bride’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page.

Purchase this new hair tool here : PuffCuff Hair Clamp

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New Hair Tool For The Perfect Puff | Puff Cuff Hair Clamp | Natural Hair Bride

Trying to create your perfect puff? Make sure to use this tool:

Puff Cuff Hair Tool

“Oh, please LORD, don’t let this thing pop off my head right now!” We’ve all been there, sitting next to a friend or coworker, feeling that shoestring, old panty hose or altered headband creep up the sides of our heads—a ticking time bomb counting down to puff explosion. Many of us naturals depend on the afro puff as one of those all-purpose, naturalista hairstyles that can be worn for work, play or just because “I don’t have time for this. I need something easy to do with my hair today.” While the puff is a staple style of the natural hair community, it does come with its own set of issues:

1. How can I achieve maximum puffage? (That’s right. “Puffage.” I just created that word.)

2. My head is killing me. I swear this puff is going to pull my brains out through my hair follicles.

3. Why. Won’t. My. Puff. Just. Stay. In place???

When I transitioned to natural hair back in 2006, I remember thinking, “Yay, I finally have enough hair for A PUFF! But how do I get my hair up there?” So yes, I became an elastic headband junkie. Nasty, stretched-out, product-covered elastic headbands were all over the place. In the car, the bottom of my purse, in the baby bag, my desk drawer at work. And they were EVERYWHERE. (Ugh.)  All the while taunting me with my precious natural hairs I’d worked so hard to grow in their grasp.

That was one of my many brushes with reality on my natural hair journey: Creating the puff wasn’t initially the dream come true I had imagined. I mean, come on. There had to be a better way, right? And buying a year’s supply of boot-length shoestrings wasn’t it, either.

After years of searching, I realized most hair accessories on the market are designed for straight, thin hair—nothing like mine! For whatever reason, all the top hair accessory companies like Goody®, Conair®, Scunci® and similar companies neglected to create styling tools for those of us with  naturally thick, dense, coily hair. So I created the PuffCuff Hair Clamp , a wide-mouth hair clamp that works with every type of coily hair, from kinky to curly, to help create many beautiful hairstyles without pulling and cinching hair to its smallest point of resistance and causing hair damage. Even better, it doesn’t build-up with hair product either.

While it looks like a “remix” of the banana clip, the PuffCuff Hair Clamp  works a bit differently. Here’s how to use thePuffCuff Hair Clamp

Puff Cuff Hair Tool

When I launched the PuffCuff Hair Clamp , I suspected there were other women like me out there who had been looking for a product like this. Now that it’s out, I feel so blessed to see the PuffCuff resonating so strongly with the natural community. Every day, I hear from women who are embracing their inner(and outer) natural beauty:

“I am loving this hair accessory not only for a puff, but it is amazing to wrap my hair around and creates a sexy bun.” —Daily Beaz of
“The main accessory I will be using with my wash and goes and puffs is the wonderful PuffCuff Hair Clamp.” —Laquita Thomas of Allnaptural
“I’m lovin’ my natural hair! Thank you PuffCuff!! I am officially a part of #puffcuffnation!” —Tori, Glitz Glam & Curlz: A Bridal Affair attendee with Chrisette Michele.



PuffCuff Hair Clamp retails for $11.99 and is available on PuffCuff Hair Clamp .

Purchase it today here> PuffCuff Hair Clamp

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