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Carving out 1 night a week or at least once a month to spend with your spouse is vital. I yearn for that designated time to be with my hubbie. We request each other to turn our cell phones on vibrate and put them away. We discuss our week, motivate each other, chat about our goals, make jokes, eat off each other plates, just overall have a great time.

Why am I so excited about Date’s with my husband? Date Nights entails new experiences. It opens up dialogue in a relationship. It creates memories. For most, Date Nights increase sex in a relationship (we are all grown here). Overall,  Date Nights are fun, romantic, bonding experiences with one of the most important people in your life.

Last Friday I did not post about Date Nights, but don’t fret, I didn’t forget at all. I have a SURPRISE I hope you will enjoy. I will work on posting a Date Night look every single week for you to see what I wore and even where we went on our Date.  They will be short and sweet and give you a glimpse into our world of undeniable love. 

If you enjoyed a night out this week with your love, let us know the deets on Facebook and Instagram. We love to promote couples that stay together, love hard and encourage each other.

Here’s a video clip of what I wore on Saturday for our Date Night at Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant in Orland Park, IL.  Our Date Night

What I wore: Dark wash denim jeans, white long sleeve silk shirt with crystals on the wrist, cognac over the knee high heel boots and a curly puff.

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