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Good Morning Loves,

The initial excitement of the holiday season may easily fade away as you contemplate on being the perfect gal when meeting his parents. It’s only natural to want to make an extraordinary first impression, since their opinion could make or break your relationship.

Don’t Sweat. I’ve outlined a few tips that will make you knock your in-laws socks off when you see them again for Christmas. Stressing out may lead to significant hair loss or anxiety attack. Whoosah… SAY IT WITH ME, WHOOOOSSSAAAHHHH ok now let’s get to work.

hugging in laws

Will your in-laws expect a hug or a handshake?  You can find this out by simply asking your spouse. You don’t want to extend a hand out to a hugging family, it may make them feel awkward or perceive you as impersonal. While your asking questions, here’s a few more questions to ask your spouse: Should I address your parents as Mr./Mrs.? Should I be prepared to take off my shoes? Where does your parents typically sit in the house? head of the table or  does it matter? Asking these questions might seem a bit odd to your spouse but covering the ground work will release stress from you. photo Meet the parents

Be your BEST self! If you are having a rough day before you walk in to your in-laws house, quickly find a happy space. No one wants to be around someone that is not full of energy. To the best of your ability, try not to complain about anything in your past nor present. If you decided not to finish school, always end with a positive note. Something like: I decided not to complete college to pursue one of my passions, helping people, I am so blessed to have started a non for profit organization assisting domestic violence women.

 forcolored gurls best self

Be genuinely appreciative. Brag about the wonderful man sitting next to you. Speak of his accomplishments, great personality and other wonderful assets that attracted you to him. Continuously thank his parents for having you over as a guest, the food, hospitality etc. Find something that you honestly love about their home and let them know.

What to wear?  The last thing you want is to have your clothes be a distraction. When you are meeting an older generation, please believe  attire matters! A lady like neckline, modest hemline, one burst of color and delicate or low maintenance shoes (nothing too fancy) would give his parents a great perception of you. Keep in mind the types of parents you are going to visit; are they conservative, strict or religious? Are they wealthy with designer clothes, suits and formal attire? Or relaxed with jeans and a t-shirt?  Here are a few styles to consider: 

Feyonce and NHB Mug

Sweat top

Coffee tea mug
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Sweat shirt

V neck t shirt

American Apparel legging

American Apparel legging


Styling your hair. Your hair is the best representation of your style as well. Be sure to wash and style your hair as if you were attending a special event or a job interview. Wear your natural hair well. If you are walking into a room full of permed or straight hair naturals, represent yourself with tamed curls and an elegant look. Here’s a few options to consider:

hair 3

Wand Curls Natural Chica

Natural Hair 1

Did you meet so many people on his side of the family that all of their names are just blending together and for the life of you, you can’t remember his great uncle name. How did you wear your hair? Do you feel like you made a great first impression? Let us know the details via NHB’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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