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Wedding Day Hair Prep

By Arella Swan

Choosing your wedding day hair is a very important aspect in planning your wedding.  Whether you’re going to be natural or not here are some wedding day tips on how to get the best hair look for your wedding day!

Tip #1: Research,Research Research!

When searching for the right stylists and salon you need to know if they offer consultations and trial runs. With a consultation you can see if the salon and stylist is right for you. Always look at their work before deciding to book them! If you are a natural hair stylist or know of a great one, email us with their info for a featured stylist invitation in any city or state:

Tip # 2: Know your hair!

You know more about your hair than anyone else. When choosing a stylist let them know what your hair likes and doesn’t,  this will eliminate any room for error if someone was to use  products that don’t work well with your hair type and texture!

Tip # 3 Look for inspiration!

Choose a style that best suits your hair length, style of wedding dress and personality. Tamika Fletcher of Natural Resources Salon,  shares how you can find inspiration for your wedding day hair by looking at your dress. Click Here. If you are picking something from a magazine or online make sure to notify your stylist prior to so they can accommodate any necessary products and accessories. We are right here to assist you with styling ideas and wedding inspiration to complete your special day.  Natural Hair Wedding Accessories

 Tip #4: Be Unique

With so many ideas available don’t forget to make it YOUR own. Find a style that suits you. Updos,two-strand twists or a braided halo style can all add a unique  twist to any style you choose to walk down the aisle with.

Tip #5: Be Healthy!

Stay healthy so your hair and your body will be healthy. Drink plenty of water and fruits and veggies. These all affect your hair and the strengths. Also keep up Post-Wedding Day hair by keeping it moisturized and trimmed. Even Natural hair needs a trim every few months.

Share with us how you styled your wedding day hair!


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