How To Reject A Marriage Proposal, Nicely

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It’s engagement season but frankly, everyone may not have the excitement of wedding bells ringing in their ear and that’s okay. Of course, when you say YES! you want to feel it wholeheartedly. Having uncertainty that you are with the right spouse, wondering whether the person asking is doing so with good intentions or pressure, whether your financially ready to blend incomes or simply the fact that you don’t know him/her well enough, are all good reason to reject a marriage proposal.

I want to share with you today, that its quite okay to be in a relationship that is full of fun, adventure and love without the pressure of marriage. If you feel that now is not the right time for you to tie the knot, here’s how to reject a marriage proposal, nicely.

How To Reject A Marriage Proposal, Nicely


How To Reject A Marriage Proposal, Nicely

In Public

If your spouse propose to you in a public place. Nicely, show a face of gratitude without smiling as smiling is a signal for YES. Gently grab them by the arm, stand them up, and give them a deep hug. Quickly whisper in their ear that you want to speak with them in private. Hold hands as you both walk away to a private area.

Now that you are both in a private space, this is a great time to share your rejection of proposal. You may say something like: “I Love You for asking me to marry you but at this time I feel that we have so much to work on in our relationship before I can see us committing our life together.”

In Private

If your spouse proposed to you in a place where it’s just you two. The reaction can be a bit different and more straight forward. For example, you may want to say: I’m shocked and elated at the same time however, I don’t think that I can wholeheartedly say YES to your proposal straight away. Let’s take some time to discuss some of my concerns with the relationship first.” After you talk, spend the rest of the day doing something you both love doing together. This will aid in the healing of his/her emotions and still show how much you appreciate the proposal.

A rejection of proposal doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t want to be in a relationship with the person any longer, it may simply mean you need more time to think about a major marital commitment.

Was there a time that you had to say NO when proposed to? What is your advice? Let us know via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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