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You may NOT need to spend much on lodging your wedding guests if you are equipped with tips to  negotiate hotel room rates. Since having a good negotiation starts with a good discussion, it’s often possible to get the best deals simply by picking up the phone. Today, I want to help you save money by negotiating your way into low rates, upgrades and freebies for your wedding guests.


1. Make your hotel reservations at least 6 to 8 months before your wedding day. If you prolong this process the demand for rooms will increase diminishing the discounted rates available.

How To Negotiate Hotel Room Rates For Wedding Guests

How To Negotiate Hotel Room Rates For Wedding Guests

2. Have a proper visit time. In order to have a good negotiation, its best to discuss deals during off-peak season. Also, avoid check-in and meal times, call in the late afternoon instead. It may also be a good idea to ask the hotel representative the best time to talk at the beginning of your call.

3. Before making the call, arm yourself with the hotel’s published rates, as well as the rates of its competitors. This info can be found on the hotels ‘official websites and hotel booking sites.

Note: Some people make the mistake of calling the 1-800 number; it’s best to dial the hotel direct. The rates quoted by the national reservations services (800 number) are regular or premium rates and the majority of the discounted rates will be available only through the hotel itself.

4. While making the call, keep calm and keep your temper in check and be polite; customer service personnel is more than willing to bend over backwards for someone who is nice, calm and collected. Sometimes, all it takes is a little kindness for you to get a better deal on a hotel room.

Negotiate Hotel Room Rates For Wedding Guests

Negotiate Hotel Room Rates For Wedding Guests

5. Ask for the best rate and start to negotiate hotel rooms by saying something about one of the rate you saw on the hotel website. Try to receive 25% off your starting rate because hotels generally pay that amount to third-party agents like online booking sites and travel agents for finding guests.

6. Be flexible. Tweak the date or days of your hotel stay. The rates fluctuate a lot, so simply adjusting your dates could affect the rates dramatically.

7. Before you end the call, get your reservation confirmation code and the name of the person on the other end of phone. These details will help you if there is any confusion or problem with your reservation later.

Have you ever tried to negotiate rates with a hotel before? Let me know in the comment section below or via Facebook or Instagram.

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