Happy Mother’s Day!

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Today, I celebrate my very first Mother’s Day! I feel extremely blessed to be given the opportunity to raise the next man to create a better world!  If you know me than you know I’m pretty analytical. I enjoy planning out my life to the best of my ability and my pregnancy was the same. My husband and I stayed up late to research how to take care of a baby, do’s and donts, the best strollers, pacifiers (to use or not) breastfeeding etc. I even typed out a detailed birth plan that for the most part was fulfilled. See below:

Ro’Shunda & Calvin Russell Birth Plan


I’d like the following people to be present during labor and delivery:

Partner: Calvin Russell Jr.  Relative: Delores  (MOM)


I’d like the option of returning home if I’m not in active labor.

Once I’m admitted, I’d like:

  • my husband, Calvin Russell to be allowed to stay with me at all times
  • only the needed personal, students or student assistants for observation are not allowed
  • to wear my contact lenses, as long as I don’t need a c-section
  • to eat if I wish to before being admitting into labor room
  • to walk and move around as I choose before active delivery

PAIN RELIEF: I’d like the following pain-management: Epidural Upon Arrival/ When Requested


When it’s time to push, I’d like to:

  • be coached on when to push and for how long to avoid tears
  • deliver by being elevated on bed or squatting to avoid tears
  • be allowed to progress free of stringent time limits as long as my baby and I are doing fine


During delivery, I’d like:

  • to give birth without an episiotomy
  • Nurse or Dr. to perform perineal massage or any precautions to avoid tear

After birth, I’d like:

  • to hold my baby right away, putting off any procedures that aren’t urgent (Skin To Skin)
  • to breastfeed as soon as possible
  • my husband, Calvin Russell to cut the umbilical cord


If I have a c-section, I’d like:

  • my husband, Calvin Russell present at all times during the operation
  • the baby to be given to my husband, Calvin Russell as soon as he’s dried, if appropriate
  • to breastfeed my baby in the recovery room


After delivery, I’d like:

  • all newborn procedures to take place in my presence
  • my husband, Calvin Russell to stay with the baby at all times if I can’t be there
  • my husband, Calvin Russell to be present during our son first bath.

FEEDING ISSUES: I plan to: breastfeed exclusively. No formula given to baby.

Do not offer my baby:

  • Formula nor sugar water unless it is an emergency only
  • No to pacifiers


I’m having a BOY: I want him to be circumcised at the hospital supervised by my husband, Calvin Russell


I’d like to be discharged from the hospital with my baby as soon as possible, if there is no emergency.


I delivered my son within 6 hours after starting contractions. My epidural was given in a timely manner and it was painless. BUT here’s what what made me cry the first night after our son arrived home, Breastfeeding! It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. My son latched on properly but it HURT! The latch hurt so bad. I was in tears when he started to suck, Over the days I developed Mastitis in the left breast; an infection in the breast tissue that results in extreme pain and swelling. I was prescribed antibiotics and then the right breast developed Mastitis! However, I was determined to get this breastfeeding down packed and I DID! We are now nearly 5 months into breastfeeding and I plan to continue for a year!

Enjoy a few photos from my baby shower: 

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

I feel incredible! I have an overwhelming feeling of confidence since giving birth to our prince! I know I can accomplish any and everything. On this Mother’s Day, I want to encourage you to continue to create the lifestyle you have planned for you and your family and when it may seem like your plans are going left, keep going and never give up!

Happy Mother's Day!

Let me know how you are celebrating your Mother’s Day via NHB’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Photos by: 3EP Studios Baby Shower by: Adrean 

Happy Mother’s Day again!



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