Groupon: Our Perfect Date Night App

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Groupon is one of the best way my hubby and I maintain our weekly date night events on a budget. Honestly, when you download the app or visit the website for Groupon, you will be surprised at the deals and a bit ticked off that you use to pay full price for the same service.

Groupon: Our Perfect Date Night App

One of the best ways to relax after a long work week would be a good ole’ body massage. Normally, we would spin about $300 for a 60 min couples massage, eeeekkk, which is why it rarely ever happens. Until I scrolled through Groupon search options and saw that the same resort was having a massive deal, $45 for a 60 minute couple massage. You wouldn’t guess how fast I ordered the Groupon deal. Like, really, really fast!

As many of you know, I married my highschool sweetheart at the age of 22 and we have a 19 month old son. We’ve been planning date nights since we met nearly 11 years ago and sometime you just run out of ideas. Groupon is the perfect way for us to find new ways to have fun on a budget. Plus, there are a ton of Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons to find on Groupon app or website, here:

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