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Today’s Wedding Wednesday feature completely warms my heart. Doriean subscribed to the subscription service, NaturalHairBride Box that was launched in June of this year. A service specifically curated to help those engaged perfect their wedding day look by receiving monthly hair, beauty and bridal gifts delivered to their front doorstep.

Doriean was a subscriber to the NaturalHairBride Box for 5 months prior to her wedding day.

After her wedding day, she sent me the sweetest email:

Hi Roshunda, 

I got my pictures back and picked out the ones that show off my hair the most. Thank you for providing a source and a service that inspires natural hair brides. When I began searching for the hairstyle I wanted I was so lost, and was relieved to find Natural Hair Bride Box. Keep doing what you’re doing!! 

I was so touched by this email because this was the exact feeling I was hoping brides would receive when I launched the NaturalHairBride Box.

You can send a special gift to the bride-to-be in your life or purchase a NatuarlHairBride Box for your self. Use code: BRIDE at checkout for 10% off your purchase. You can also shop our previous NaturalHairBride Boxes, here.

From NaturalHairBride Box To Wedding Bells! | NaturalHairBride

From NaturalHairBride Box To Wedding Bells! | NaturalHairBride

Photography by: Abbott-Bromley Photography

How your hair was styled? What products were used to create the hairstyle. 

Vee Prince (my friend and natural hair goddess) did a blow out to stretch and give more body, and then applied a bit of heat before setting the curls. My hair set on curlers for two days. She used Creme of Nature Mango and Shea Butter ultra-moisturizing conditioner, Fantasia Heat protector and strengthener and Cantu coconut curling cream.
From NaturalHairBride Box To Wedding Bells! | NaturalHairBride
How did you meet your husband? 
Mike and I met completely by accident out in Hollywood around Halloween. I was dressed as a fairy and accidentally hit him with my wings. 🙂 We’ve been together for four years.
From NaturalHairBride Box To Wedding Bells! | NaturalHairBride
From NaturalHairBride Box To Wedding Bells! | NaturalHairBride 
Date of your marriage | Venue | Bridesmaid Count | Details and style of your wedding dress
-November 12, 2016. Penfield Manor in Woodland Hills, Calif. No bridal party.
My wedding dress is by Truvelle Bridal. It’s from a shop called Bride Boutique on Sunset in Los Angeles. It has a vintage feel, lacy and a little sexy but not overt. It’s a custom combination of two different Truvelle dresses I loved.
From NaturalHairBride Box To Wedding Bells! | NaturalHairBride 
Word of advice to NaturalHairBride to be’s like you. 
– Don’t be afraid to disregard some advice. People will try to persuade you with questions like “You want to do it like that?” or “You don’t think you’ll regret that?”
Advice for hair specifically:
I never use heat on my hair anymore, so at first I didn’t want to apply any for the wedding. I thought I’d be a natural “sell-out” if I did. This isn’t true at all. Though I thought I had to go all the way in one direction or the other, what really worked for me was a compromise. I was very particular about keeping my hair safe through the process, even from the beginning. I did regular protein (Henna) treatments and deep conditions through the year. I kept my hair in crotchet braids so I didn’t mess with it too much, and focused on a balanced diet with lots of water and Omega3. I used a number of products including the Eden co-wash and cream from the first NaturalHairBride Box I received, plus Beautiful Textures leave-in conditioner. I sought a lot of advice in the beginning from Vee, Felicia Leatherwood, any other naturalista who would listen to me. Ha! NaturalHairBride Box really came in handy for me. It was a great source of inspiration through my process, so thank you.
All this to say, it’s really about a style that makes you feel beautiful. It’s so nice to see so many natural brides sporting their curls, coils and locs when we’re usually inundated with straight strands as the standard. Understand that you have so many choices, and that there’s no wrong answer. It’s all about feeling beautiful and confident on your big day.
From NaturalHairBride Box To Wedding Bells! | NaturalHairBride

Congratulations Doriean and thank you for subscribing to the NaturalHairBride Box then sharing your beautiful wedding day with us. Wishing you many more blessed years to come.xoxo


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