Floral Inspirations for a Winter Wedding

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It’s Coming It’s Coming… Oh wait, it already came! The snowy season is here for us in the midwest and I’m pretty excited about it. I mean hey, my birthday is right around the corner, December 20th, and snow in Chicago is all I know. Some brides tend to steer from weddings in the winter but others love the beautiful white snow and falling crystals from the sky. I would just love to see a bride in her wedding dress making a snow angel, ha! Anywho, we have some great floral inspiration for this winter wedding season.  Guest blogger Uma reached out to NHB to share some winter wedding floral tips with you. Check out the deets below and don’t forget to share with us your thoughts on Facebook & Instagram. xx P.S. if your interested in sharing a post with NHB click SUBMIT SOMETHING to learn more.


A winter wonderland wedding can be quite romantic. The stark beauty of the bare trees, the crispness of the white snow – which will clearly go with your attire – the winter is a lovely time of year to have a wedding. When it comes to the flowers for a winter affair, you might be thinking that you are limited on your options. After all, this season isn’t exactly known for its blooms; or is it? There are tons of fantastic flowers that you can use for your wedding during the winter season. And, if you think outside the box, you can even incorporate some items into your arrangements that aren’t necessarily flowers, but that certainly speak to the winter season.

If you are wondering about floral arrangement ideas for your winter wedding, here are some inspirations that will certainly make a dramatic impact:

11.20.13 holly


Holly is at the height of its season in the winter, and it will make a stunning statement when used in your floral arrangements. Imagine how eye-catching the dark green of the leaves and those red berries will be when they are set against a backdrop of white.





11.20.13 Calla-Evergreen-BridalBouquet

Evergreen: How about incorporating some evergreen into your arrangements? You can have your bouquet lined with an arrangement of evergreen needles, and you can also feature sprigs of evergreen in your décor. The color will be breathtaking, and the aroma will be intoxicating.





11.20.13 Poinsettias

Poinsettias: Make the traditional Christmas flower the focal point of your winter wedding floral arrangements. These blooms come in either red, white or pink and really are quite dramatic. Perhaps you can carry a bouquet of white poinsettias and your bridesmaids can carry bouquets of red or pink, or vice versa. Either way, these flowers will certainly make a bold impact for your winter wedding.









Pinecones: They may not be flowers, per say, but they are floral in that they come from a tree. Include some pinecones in your centerpieces and in your bouquet, and maybe have your bridesmaids carry pomander balls that feature a collection of glistening pinecones (spray them with glitter so that they capture the light).





11.20.13 baby


Baby’s Breath: This delicate flower is often thought of as an accent to larger, showier blooms, but when used on its own, it can really make a bold statement. And, for the winter season, a collection of baby’s breath resembles snow. So, how about creating arrangements that feature nothing but this tiny, yet impactful flower?








11.20.13. red carnations


Red Carnations: This is another flower that often doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. Commonly used as a “fill in” flower, the carnation really makes a bold statement when it stands alone – especially when they are in a dramatic color, like red. Red is a wonderful color for a winter wedding, as it works around Christmas time, is ideal for Valentine’s Day and just makes such a visual impact when paired against the color white. Make arrangements of red carnations stand out even more by adding in some white stephanotis flowers.





Stephanotis: Speaking of this flower, it is worth mentioning as using not only as an additional flower in a bouquet, but in an arrangement on its own. Like baby’s breath, this star-shaped flower calls to mind the snow, which is so fitting for the winter. And, the star shape is just so whimsical, making it a perfect choice for a wedding.


When it comes to floral arrangements for your winter wedding, you really do have an amazing selection of flowers to choose from.

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