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By Kalisha Cartharn

Welcome back to Mane Monday’s DIY (Do It Yourself) Edition. I know you all have been enjoying the last couple of weeks with the Sassy Natural Hair Brides with Veils along with Curls Pearls and Hair Accessories. This week we thought we would switch it up just a bit and throw in some fun for all you creative brides.

Your wedding day is really important simply because this is one of the most IMPORTANT days of your life, with that being said you want to record as much as possible. So why not step out of the box and be a little daring with your hair and make it your own. Like many naturals, I’m sure  you’ve learned different styles and trends by trying them on your own hair.

Once you’ve selected the wedding gown of your choice, my suggestion is to try out different styles for your hair you see on sites like Natural Hair Bride and some of your fave Youtubers. We recently interviewed Natural Hair Guru Tamika Fletcher to share her advice on styling options for naturally curly brides utilizing inspiration from their wedding dress. Be sure to duplicate your favorite naturally curly style week’s or months in advance, just so you will have the technique down packed for your wedding day.

Wedding Day Bun — Most women love the elegance of a bun on their wedding day, so why not try this style out on yourself and work your way to perfecting this style for the Big Day. This style is simple, easy and yet elegant. The wedding bun can top for almost all hair accessory options. We’ve featured a few brides with veils or the simple bun and clip.

Wedding Week Twist —  The twist style is always a favorite, simply because this proves as a dual hair style for anyone.  You can leave those twists in your hair and be able to conquer those last minute wedding tasks.

Wedding Day Twist Out — Since you’ve allowed your twists to set for more than 48 hours, you will have defined your curl pattern to a beautiful twist out. Your now able to allow your hair to have a defined curly updo, bun or fro.

What style is best for you? We’ve taken the liberty of adding some hair styles to showcase the latest trends you may want to try at home. Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! If you would like to submit something so NHB can share CLICK HERE to learn more. XO!


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