Date Night: Overnight Road Trip

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By Kalisha Cartharn

Happy Friday & welcome to date night Friday. This week’s post is dedicated to the Friday Night“Impromptu” overnight trip.

It’s good to plan an evening, but even better to have an impromptu overnight date trip. The two of you can pick a fun destination, not too far but not too close either, toss a few “fun” things in a bag, pack some snacks, create a “road-trip” playlist and hit the road. While on the way, take some time out to make a few pit stops and pick out some souvenirs. Can’t forget the “spontaneous” detours that will make the trip so much more fun. Below you will find a few cute weekend ensemble ideas for this “impromptu” trip.

I hope you enjoy and make the best of this trip. So … What are your plans this weekend?  Let us know via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Have a lovely night.


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