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Kalisha Cartharn,

Continuing with our “Sassy” Natural Hair Brides, today we will be featuring Natural Hair Bride’s rocking “Cute & Sassy” hair accessories. Last week as you know we featured Natural Hair Bride’s rocking veils, and you all loved it. This week we will continue on for those who don’t want to go the “traditional” route with veils but would rather  add a little piece of their own person style for this day. Below you will find several different ways of styling your hair with different accessories to accent your hair.

• Diamonds & Pearls; on your wedding day Diamonds & Pearls are a must for most brides. Accenting with pearls can create that elegance factor that most brides yearn for. The latest trends are the “hair pin” accessories with them attached, this proves to be simple sweet and quick whether your hair is up or down.

• Feather me Beautiful; Want to go the non traditional route and add some sass why not try a feather piece to complete your ensemble. The brides featured chose to feather and add some color. This proves to be the perfect hair accessory simply because you can add your color theme as you see pictured. The feathered look can be great with and up do or a twist out (which is my favorite way of styling).

• Clip & Style; Choosing any style of clips for this day can be a fun task simply because you can feel like a kid again playing dress up and trying out different looks. This can be as extravagant or as simple as you want it to be. This can also be a gift of choice for your bridal party and their hair.

What style is best for you, we’ve taken the liberty of adding some blushing brides with hair accessories to showcase the latest trends of tradition and non-tradition. Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! If you would like to submit something so NHB can share CLICK HERE to learn more. XO!

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