Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Engagement season is here! So, if you think he’s taking you to the jewelry store simply to browse……. your completely wrong, he’s preparing to pop the questions but just don’t know your ring style or size! If your ready to cry your eyes out, scream and say YES, this is your season!

Although this is a very exciting time in your life, let’s consider how daunting ring shopping can be for a man. How about we give the men a few tips to help relieve the stress of finding the perfect ring? Here’s 5 tips to choosing an engagement ring.

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Find Her Ring Size: ring size chart

You have a few options here: 1. Breaking and Entering into her jewelry box and taking a ring that you know she wears often. Be sure to not lose the ring in the process or your surprise could flop quickly. 2. While she is sleep wrap a string or strip of paper around the base of her ring finger. Make sure you can slide the ring or paper easily off her knuckle. Then, use a pen to mark where the end of the string meets the string wrapped around the finger. Using a ruler measure the length of the string from the starting point to the pen mark. Check the measurements against the chart above to find her ring size. 3. Simply take her to a jeweler to measure her ring size (there’s no fun in this option).

Choose a Good Jeweler diamond store

This part may be easy for some. We normally see many jewelry commercials during the holiday season or your may have purchased a bracelet or necklace from a store you already love and will return there to make your ring selection. Just be sure to look somewhere that fits your budget range, this will avoid the disappointment and possibility of prolonging the engagement by thinking, “just perfect, if it didn’t cost so much”.

Another option is to propose with out a ring and then take her to her favorite jewelry store to select the ring she would prefer. It can be pros and cons to this option. The pro here is that it can be very romantic and she may love that you are taking into account her thoughts and style. The con here is that she may pick out a ring that is not within your ideal budget.

Find Out Her Style style of diamond

A great way to find out her style of jewelry is through her personality and the clothes she wear. Your in the best position to know whether she likes plain, patterns, fancy, or to make large or small fashion statements. Or is she traditional, classic, contemporary or a bit flashy.  Take a look at the chart above to help you make your decision.

Price Range black man wallet



How much should one spend on an engagement ring? The tradition says a man should spend 2 months of his salary on an engagement ring. Whether or not you decide to spend as much is completely up to you. What matters most is that you select a ring based on what you can afford. So have an idea of your price point before stopping into a jeweler. You can research online the current price of rings to give you a better idea.

Purchase the Ring purchased the ring

Keeping the ring safe and  secretly stashed away is of high importance. Be sure to check that your insurance covers the loss of the ring. Request a certificate of authenticity and a warranty before check out.


It’s time to propose! 



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