6 Secrets To A Winning Wedding Hashtag

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As you plan your upcoming wedding, don’t underestimate the power of a good hashtag. A wedding hashtag can help you to make announcements about your wedding on social media, share pictures before and after your nuptials, and update your guests as you refine your ceremony plans. When you create a catchy wedding hashtag, keep the following quick tips in mind to ensure that your chosen tag is as effective as possible. Be sure to hashtag us via Instagram at #Naturalhairbride

Guest Post Written By: Naomi Shaw

6 Secrets To A Winning Wedding Hashtag

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6 Secrets To A Winning Wedding Hashtag:

Include Wedding Specifics

The optimal wedding hashtag should be clearly defined as “yours.” If your hashtag is too generic, you run the risk of it overlapping with another couple’s. To ensure that your friends and family can easily identify your hashtag, try to include your names and the date of your wedding within your tag. “JohnAndJaneHappilyEverAfterMay14,” for example, clearly defines “who,” “when,” and “what”. If it doesn’t make your tag overly long, try to include a “where” as well.

6 Secrets To A Winning Wedding Hashtag


One of the cardinal rules of effective tagging is capitalization. By capitalizing the first letter of every word in your tag, you instantly increase your readability factor. Compare “johnandjanehappilyeveraftermay14” with “JohnAndJaneHappilyEverAfterMay14.” The more readable your tag is, the more followers it will attract.

Keep It Short and Sweet

As tempting as it may be to include everything about your wedding in your tag, the shorter you can keep it, the better. “JohnAndJaneAreGettingMarriedAtTheCityBeachOnMay14PleaseAttendAndBringLotsOfGifts,” won’t make it easy for taggers to remember you as they upload pictures and videos of your ceremony to social media.

6 Secrets To A Winning Wedding Hashtag

Be Unique

The more unique you make your hashtag, the more likely your guests are to remember it. Before finalizing your tag choice, do a quick search to make sure that no other couples have already used it. Otherwise, you could end up being tagged in pictures of a wedding that isn’t yours!

Make it Catchy

Catchy tags are fun, easy, and look great on wedding memorabilia. To make your hashtag as catchy as possible, try using alliteration or rhyming techniques. If you’re having trouble coming up with a catchy tag, there are some great rhyming apps out there that can give you a jumpstart!

Share Your Tag Everywhere

Once you’ve created the perfect wedding tag, be sure to share it absolutely everywhere. The more exposure you give your hashtag, the more input you will get from your friends and family as you develop your wedding plans. To ensure that all of your guests know your wedding tag, add it to as much of your wedding memorabilia as possible, putting it on everything from place cards, to napkins, to goodie bags. By the end of your ceremony, everyone should know your tag by heart!

6 Secrets To A Winning Wedding Hashtag

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